About Me

I am a native Russian person currently living in Japan with an experience of living in France during my graduate studies there.

I've been involved in translation of scientific texts in Russian-English pair sporadically for many years, but recently I have stepped up my involvement in freelance activities and for the last 2-3 years have been able to gain a lot of experience of translation in various fields ranging from cosmetics to health-related content, having expanded the language base as well to include the other languages that I am fluent at, that is, French and Japanese. I also have teaching experience with these languages on a private face-to-face basis.

My translation is 100% manual and I am always available to follow up on my work should any queries arise.







1981/7 High school with advanced teaching of English, Novosibirsk, Russia

1982/9 - 1988/6 Moscow State University, Math department, Master's level

1993/2 - 1996/3 Kyushu University, Japan, Economics Dept., Master's course

1999/9 - 2000/7 Sorbonne University, Université Paris 1, DEA in Math Modeling in Finance



History Of Residence

- 1993/1 Russian Federation

1993/2 - 1999/3 Japan

1999/4 - 2000/9 France

2000/10 - Japan